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Feeds 2.0 keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time by navigating you quickly through your posts / feeds. The supported keyboard shortcuts are:

j / kRead the next/previous displayed post
space / shift-spaceMove the page down/up
n / pSelect the next/previous post without marking it as read or expanding it
o, enterExpand or collapse the selected post
i or sMark selected post as interesting (love)
uMark selected post as uninteresting (hate)
mSwitches the read state of the selected post (read / unread)
vRead original source of the selected post in a new window (visit link)
shift-aMark all displayed posts as read
1Expand all displayed posts
2Collapse all displayed posts
rRefresh the unread counts in the folder tree
g then aGo to "All posts"
g then s or iGo to "Loved posts"
g then uGo to "Ignored posts"
g then nGo to "Unread posts"
g then rGo to "Read posts"
How do I start?

Sign up for a beta account.

Feeds 2.0 is


. We're currently in private beta with plans for a public beta soon.

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