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How to use Feeds 2.0

Personalize Displayed Articles

Feeds 2.0 utilizes an advanced computational intelligence personalization learning engine. As soon as you start reading the system will learn what you like to read and what doesn't interest you much.

It's really very simple to use: Just click and read on the articles which you find interesting! Actually, there are two ways with which the system learns what your like to read: You can either just click on the title of each post to read it or just click on the heart icon of each post if you are in hurry or if you don't care to read the entire article but you still like it.

You can also mark any post as non-interesting in order to enhance the training of the system. By clicking on the down arrow icon of each post you inform the system that you are not particularly interested in the subject of the post.

Whenever you return to Feeds 2.0, other interesting articles will be presented from the list of subscribed feeds. The machine learning algorithm analyzes individual articles, your reading history and previously marked ignored posts to build personalized pages. What has been clicked on determines what articles will be recommended to you. The more articles you have read or have declared as non-interesting, the more personalized the page will be.

You can always turn the personalization feature off (by clicking on the large button "Turn Personalization Off") at any time in order to read the more recent posts in a river style of news browsing (sorted by publication date).

Import you Subscriptions and Manage your Feeds

The folders on the left (in the My Feeds box) each contains a few feeds we've already loaded for you.

If you click on the "Manage Feeds" tab on the center of the page you can manage the feeds, change the folder names, get rid of the feeds we added and add new feeds. When you are done you can click on the "Manage Feeds" tab again to hide the options.

You can import an OPML file with your existing feeds by clicking the "Import / Export Feeds" tab or add feeds individually.


You may display preferences by clicking on the "Preferences" tab. From this tab you may modify many options of Feeds 2.0 interface as well as convert the dialogs to be displayed in your favourite language.

Tag Cloud

Feeds 2.0 automatically extracts the most important keywords as tags for each post and creates a Tag Cloud at the bottom left. For each feed or group of feeds the Tag Cloud shows the most dominant words of the posts currently selected. The more important a word is in the set of selected posts, the larger the word. These words are also links. By clicking on any one them Feeds 2.0 will display only posts that are related to the given word in the Tag Cloud.


Feeds 2.0 provides a special visualization feature in order to help you visualize the relationships between posts in a real-time generated 2-D display. By clicking on the "Visualize" button you will see a spatial representation of the relationships between posts which helps you to immediately recognize the existence of clusters of posts with similar subjects.

How do I start?

Sign up for a beta account.

Feeds 2.0 is


. We're currently in private beta with plans for a public beta soon.

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